This Web site provides an introduction to the Creative Systems Personality Typology (CSPT) and serves as a forum for its ongoing development. CSPT is a detailed framework for understanding temperament differences with important applications to self knowledge, education, psychology, organizational development, and leadership. It is arguably the most sophisticated such framework currently available.

CSPT has it conceptual foundations in Creative Systems Theory, a comprehensive perspective for understanding change and interrelationship in human systems developed by psychiatrist and futurist Charles M. Johnston, MD and colleagues at the Institute for Creative Development over the last twenty-five years. CSPT’s power lies in the depth at which it engages, the breadth of its scope, its effectiveness as a tool for supporting collaboration, and its direct pertinence to the kind of thinking effective future leadership will increasingly require.

You can also discover more information about CSPT in the book The Creative Systems Typology: Engaging the Generative Roots of Diversity, available on Amazon. Click the button below for a guide containing brief descriptions of what can be found in each section of this site: