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Other Resources

The Cultural Maturity Blog is an interactive site edited and moderated by Dr. Charles Johnston.

Dr. Charles Johnston’s author page includes books and other learning resources.

The general Institute for Creative Development Web site with links to all ICD resources:

The Creative Systems Theory Web site focuses on in-depth learning about the theory and continued theory development.

The Creative Systems Personality Typology Web site exists to teach about the typology and as a home base for the community of people learning about and making us of it.

The “Ask the Cultural Psychiatrist” YouTube channel brings big picture perspective to understand current issues and understanding as a whole.

The Evolutionary History of Music Web site examines music across cultures and through historical time using CST as a conceptual lens.

Learning Opportunities

If you are a faculty person using Creative Systems Theory related materials in teaching, Dr. Johnston would be happy to make himself available to answer questions are engage students in on-line conversation.

e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 206-526-8562 .

About Dr. Charles Johnston:

Charles Johnston splits his time between his Seattle-based private psychiatric practice and his continuing leadership with regard to broader cultural concerns. In his role as “cultural psychiatrist” he consults, writes, speaks, and teaches about the cultural tasks ahead. He also collaborates with others in the continued development and articulation of Creative Systems Theory and contributes occasional commentary through the Cultural Maturity Blog and the Ask the Cultural Psychiatrist YouTube channel.

Dr Johnston’s private practice work is primarily with individuals. Its focus ranges from work with fairly traditional therapeutic issues to mentoring of people attempting to provide cultural leadership. He is particularly recognized for his work with people of creative temperament. His appreciation for today’s changing cultural realities and differences in how they affect us brings an important subtlety to his work. Inquiries can be made by email at [email protected] or by phone 206-526-8562.