You spoke of integrative dynamics and their relationship to Cultural Maturity when talking about variables that go into creating personality. Just how do they tie into temperament?

CST proposes that it is the integrative dynamics of Cultural Maturity that make it possible to have any deep appreciation of temperament differences. Such appreciation in turn helps support the changes that Cultural Maturity proposes are needed if the species is going to make good future decisions.

Creative Systems theory describes how the second half of any formative process involves integrative dynamics. (The first half of the creative mechanism is defined primarily by differentiation, the second equally by further differentiation and integration.) We see this with the mature stages in an individual lifetime. The concept of Cultural Maturity proposes that we are now seeing something parallel in the formative dynamics of culture.

In terms of personality dynamics, two characteristics of integration stand out. First, polarities within primary energetics come to seem like complements rather than opposites. And second, people manifest an increasing comfort with the realities of all stages even if certain stages represent only a very small part of their native makeup. We see each of these changes in a limited sense in dealing with second half of life challenges (they are key to wisdom). We see them in a much more encompassing sense when we are able to move significantly into emerging cultural realities.

The capacity for more systemic thought integrative cultural dynamics make possible makes the collaborative abilities a framework like CSPT supports increasingly important.